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“Home away from home” what an “oasis” are just a few of the comments we continually receive from the groups that stay with us. After a long day of serving the needy of Tegucigalpa, the Humuya Inn is that sanctuary that so many call home while in Honduras.

The Humuya Inn has served over 700 church related groups since we opened our doors in 1996. Some of our groups have been staying with us for eight, nine and ten years running. It has been a lot of fun to be a small part of what these groups are doing to impact and change Tegucigalpa.

My wife and I graduated from Taylor University and have worked leading many of the sports and non-sports related overseas ministries in Honduras through Friendship Sports International (F.S.I.).

We have many different types of room arrangements and can accommodate up to 100 persons in our single and double rooms, suites and apartments. The Inn also has three terraces and a conference room that have become the favorite spots for morning and evening gatherings for devotions, worship and singing.

Our group rates vary depending on group size, length of stay and room arrangements (singles, doubles, triples and quadruples). Breakfast is included in the morning consisting of several types of cereal, granola made by the Mennonites, fruits of the season, homemade breads (bagels, banana muffins and whole grain choices), freshly squeezed orange juice, milk and coffee. We also serve eggs, french toast and pancakes for groups that need a more hearty start to their day (extra cost). Or choose from our menu a combination of Honduran and American breakfast favorites, such as the “tipico” which is the #1 selection of our guests.

We also have prepared a unique lunch and dinner group menu that blends wonderful Honduran and American classics to be enjoyed at the Inn. Many of the group leaders comment on how convenient it is to be able to clean up and then sit down to a nice meal without having to leave the Inn again and fight the traffic in Tegucigalpa. (Group Menu)

Many groups choose to celebrate their last night on the terrace by enjoying Erasmos’s Famous Barbecue. This unique meal begins with frijoles and tortilla chips served in piping hot anafres. It is followed by the main course that includes tender beef filet, barbecue sausage (chorizo), rice pilaf, frijoles, baked plantain, Honduran cheese, sour cream (mantequila) and homemade tortillas. The exotic sides include chismol, chimichurri, and hot sauce created by Erasmo. Our guests will also enjoy typical Honduran music while being served by our staff dressed in colorful Honduran dresses. An amazing way to end your week!

We can also provide hot or cold “to go” meals for teams to enjoy at their worksites.

Our kitchen follows the highest standards of food preparation and cleanliness in all of its processes to insure the best possible final product.

Please contact us for more information at or our U.S. phone 561.228.1526