March 14, 2013 Posted by humuyainn in Sustainable Practices

Green Towels ?

• Eucalyptus trees are a rapidly renewable resource that grows to full maturity in 8 years.
• Unlike cotton which requires pesticides and irrigation these trees grow in managed forests.
• FSC/PEFC forests are protected from over-cutting and a maximum of 10% is cut annually.
• Tencel+Plus™ fiber manufacturing uses 100 times less water than cotton manufacturing.
• In a unique closed loop system, 99.6% of the solvent is re-used in the fiber production.
• The solvent is non-toxic.
• The fiber factory is almost 100% energy independent.
• Less drying time = less energy used = lower electric bills = less emissions.
• Established reclamation program that redistributes this product after it’s useful life.
For more detailed information: www.valleyforge.com.