November 15, 2010 Posted by digitalcalvary in Social Outreach

Knox Sports

Since the summer of 2007 Humuya Inn has teamed up with Knox Sports of Tampa, Florida. In 2007 and 2009 to paint a public school in Los Corralitos (Tegucigalpa) and get a home for children with Aids ready for operation. In 2009 Knox joined to work together with P.O.I. in the distribution of over 500 soccer uniforms to local sports leagues in the neediest parts of Tegucigalpa and put up a tether ball along with soccer goals at the school in Los Corralitos. 2011 was a huge year where the Knox Sports Soccer Complex was built: an indoor soccer stadium where children from P.O.I. and the street can play in a safe environment. Thank you Paul and Knox Sports for your investment in Honduras. >More News on their web site