November 18, 2010 Posted by admin in Sustainable Practices

Recycle Program

All plastic and glass bottles, aluminum and paper are recycled. The reality is that Honduras is not set up to recycle at this point but we have found several organizations where we take our recycled products. The first is called Arca de Esperanza, a not for profit organization, that works with those afflicted with cerebral palsy. The Arca de Esperanza sells the recycled goods to fund their work. The second is San Juancito Foundation. The foundation is run by Regina Aguilar, an accomplished artist who saw both the potential and need for teaching income-earning skills to the inhabitants of San Juancito. Today, she has two schools (one for adults and the other for children), many students and graduates, a factory employing 30 trained artisans, and a lovely guest house for visitors, including visiting teachers, to San Juancito.

In Vitro, Ms. Aguilar's outlet for the decorative art products made in San Juancito, is located in Tegucigalpa on Avenida de Republica de Panama at Colonia Palmira.