November 18, 2010 Posted by  in Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices-C.F.L. bulbs

We did a study with a local electrician to identify what lighting areas we could reduce the amount of lighting without effecting the general ambiance of the hotel. In some areas we reduced up to 350 watts used.

In the common areas of the hotel we use timers for lamps. We are also installing motion sensors in guest and staff areas where lights do not need to be on 24/7. We are researching the use of lighting that uses LED technology.

Here is an interesting fact:

If every American household replaced 1 incandescent bulb with a CFL bulb we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for 1 year. ( *Humuya Inn is dedicated to the proper disposal of C.F.L bulbs with SERNA (Honduran Government entity)