November 18, 2010 Posted by  in Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices-compost

Thanks to some of our guests and friends we have learned some of the secrets to success of effective composting. The latest tip, from a Honduran friend, is the introduction of “California worms.” These worms help speed up the decomposition process and have found that we can now turn raw kitchen waste (watermelon, orange and melon rinds, banana peels, coffee grinds, grass clippings and some paper products) into the most beautiful, rich soil in about 30 days.

Portions of this soil then return to the flower gardens at the Humuya or stay at the "farm" for our crops. Our yearly calculations show that we are recycling up to 13,000 pounds of kitchen waste, that previously would go to the local dump, into this wonderful dark soil. We are nearing our yearly need for soil and once that mark is reached we will donate the soil to AMITIGRA which uses the dirt to replant trees in El Hatillo the principal water source of Tegucigalpa.