At the Humuya we have striven to integrate into our decoration the work of local artisans.  From the pictures on the walls, the mural in garden to the items in the gift shop we continually look for ways to support them in the sale of their goods.

Cesar Diaz de Valle has been the official photographer and our brand image consultant since 1998.  Cesar’s

wonderful black and white pictures are exhibited throughout the entire Inn. Luis Arturo Alvarado another local artist painted the mural in the garden area of the Inn.



Each year the Humuya Inn staff has at least one community outreach project.  In recent years some of those projects included a new roof for Doña Maria and her family, Christmas party at a local special needs orphanage, hundreds of hours translating for US teams that come down and construction projects for local needy families.



Doña Maria, is a single mother who lives with her four children, parents and two sisters in a 100 yr old adobe house in a rural area of El Hatillo.  With the summer rains and then windy winter months, her roof started leaning.  In 2013 our staff became aware of the need to do something or this family could lose their home with the next storm.  We came up with a plan and the Humuya Inn owners provided all the materials, technical labor and along with the members of the Humuya Inn staff jumped in and did a lot of the manual labor.  A week later, a sturdier roof was finished.  Thanks to the Humuya Inn and all of our employees, Doña Maria and her family will have a roof over their heads for many more years.


In 2014 we were able to assist another family in the El Hatillo area.  The dust from the road in front of their home was making their kids constantly sick.  They had a roof but the dust kept getting into their house covering the kitchen and bedroom area. The Humuya Inn team again came up with a plan of action and we purchased the necessary materials and got to work.  We spent several days putting in plywood ceiling that now stops the dust from entering directly into the house.   The Bustillo family is healthier and a lot happier.


We believe that environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with luxurious comfort and exceptional guest experience.  Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is united with our commitment to the pleasure and wellbeing of all our guests.


Our goal is to set the highest standard for service and style, while impacting the earth as little as possible. We welcome dialogue about this with our guests as we are always looking to learn, grow and improve.




In July of this year Jeffrey’s family basically lost all of the walls and part of their roof during a heavy rainfall in Tegucigalpa.  Originally we thought we would replace the roof and put on the walls but after studying the “house” we decided to pour a new foundation and start from scratch.  Thanks to our friends at Point Of Impact and Leticia Gal we were able to get this family back inside their new home.  Their new home includes electricity, a larger space and a whole lot safer structure.  What a blessing to be able to help out in this way.


In 2013, when we became aware of a Special Needs Orphanage in our community that was in dire need of may elemental items and services.  Since then we have provided educational and therapeutic equipment for the children.  In 2014, we hosted and served as translators for a specialized team of professional that did physical therapy with the children.  Since 2014, our staff has celebrated Christmas and Day of the Child with the kids providing gifts and food for all of them and their staff.






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