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March 14, 20131 year ago

Clean and Green !

Our new internal laundry room includes washers and dryers that use 1/10 of the electricity and 1/2 the water of our replaced units. Read more
March 14, 20131 year ago

Green Towels ?

Actually the towels are white but they are green because of what they don’t do to our environment. Tencel+Plus™Lyocell (Eucalyptus fiber) towels are super absorbent and extremely fast drying. When a Eucalyptus tree is cut, 100% of the tree is used. Nothing goes to waste! Forty percent of the Eucalyptus tree becomes pulp, 20 percent becomes vinegar and artificial sweeteners. The remaining wood is burned and converted to electricity used in the Valley Forge factory that made the towels. Read more
Posted in: Social Outreach
February 11, 20113 years ago

Arca de Esperanza

As we explored ways to recycle our recyclable goods, we decided that instead of selling our cans, plastics and newspapers we would donate our items to Arca de Esperanza. Read more
February 9, 20113 years ago


As part of our commitment to protect the natural resources so future generations may enjoy them uncompromised, we have chosen SAVE YOUR WORLD amenities. Some of the features of our amenities are: Raw materials and ingredients are natural and biodegradable. Packaging is made of recycled or recyclable materials. No animal testing or animal by -products will ever be used. No Parabens, no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and no 1, 4 Dioxane. Read more
Posted in: Social Outreach
February 8, 20113 years ago


Humuya Inn is proud to sponsor the Honduran Children's Cancer Foundation. All of our guests can donate an additional dollar to their invoice with the program “save a life while you sleep.” This donation is given directly to the Foundation for the cancer treatment costs of the children. Read more
November 19, 20103 years ago

Sustainable Practices- Accion Verde

Acción Verde is lead by Abbot Consulting (AC&T) a leading best practices firm in Honduras. Humuya Inn is part of a pioneer group of thirteen tourism companies in Honduras concerned about the environment and the effects our business has on the planet. Read more
Posted in: Social Outreach
November 19, 20103 years ago

New Roof for Doña Maria

Dona Maria’s house is over 120 years old passed down through her family. The walls are made of an adobe and wood type mixture called “embutido” in Spanish. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Humuya Inn’s Garden

If you have ever had home grown produce you know there is nothing quite like the taste. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Sustainable Practices-compost

In 2008 we started to generate our own compost soil for use in our flower and vegetable gardens. All of our compostable kitchen and garden waste is taken to our off site to garden, where we have eight bins and the compost process begins. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Recycle Program

In 2010 the Humuya Inn started it's recycle program in guest and staff areas. There are four “recycle centers” throughout the Inn: the dinning room, terrace, long term apartment garage and employee areas. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Project Planet

We are Members of Project Planet, an organization that helps reduce the amount of towels and linens washed in hotels throughout the world. Read more
Posted in: Social Outreach
November 18, 20103 years ago

Point of Impact-P.O.I.

Point of Impact is a local organization that builds up the poorest of Hondurans through five elements of impact: Discipleship, Tutoring, Medical Assistance, Nutrition and Sports. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Sustainable Practices-C.F.L. bulbs

In the Inn we have gradually changed out of 95% of the traditional light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s). Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Sustainable Practices-UPVC windows

We first installed double paned glass UPVC windows in our long term apartments in 2008. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Sustainable Practices-ceiling fans

At the Humuya Inn we have installed in 95% of our guest rooms and in most of the common areas ceiling fans. Read more
November 18, 20103 years ago

Sustainable Practices-toilets

In all new construction and remodeling we have opted for American Standard new eco-toilets. Read more
November 16, 20103 years ago

Support for Local Artists

In the Humuya we have strived to integrate into our decoration the work of local artisans. From the pictures on the wall, the mural in garden to the items in the gift shop we continually look for ways to support local artists in the sale of their goods. Read more
November 16, 20103 years ago

In Vitro

In Vitro was created in 1998 with the purpose of commercializing the fine decorative art elaborated in the San Juancito school and workshop. Read more
November 16, 20103 years ago

Aldea Global

Arte Global is a small business created by four single mothers who live in Flor Del Campo, Tegucigalpa, a slum area in the capital of Honduras. Read more
November 16, 20103 years ago

Honduran Pottery

The Lenca Indians are one of the first known people of Honduras, some 1,500 years ago. This pottery is made the by the same Indians using a unique method to produce beautiful designs. Read more
Posted in: Social Outreach
November 15, 20103 years ago

Knox Sports

Paul Sickmon, owner of Knox Sports, comes every other year (2007, 2009, 2011) to Honduras with his family and staff to get their hands dirty in some of the neediest parts of Tegucigalpa. The Humuya Inn staff serves as translators and guides for the week long trip to Honduras each year.

Read more

Posted in: Social Outreach
January 16, 20095 years ago

Jericho Ministries

More than 45 women have been helped to get out of prostitution through Jericho Ministries. Read more