Your Home away from Home

“Your Home away from home”;this phrase encompasses our past as well as our future.

The Past

The Humuya Inn was founded in 1994 by Scott and Mimi Crook. But before it even began, hospitality has been a part of our family. Mimi’s grandmother housed students that came from small towns where there were no Universities. The majority of these families could not afford traditional housing and Abuela Toña’s house became a “home away from home” for these students.  

Part of what makes us unlike any other accommodation you will find in Honduras, is our rich history and unique story. Many of the historical features of the hotel can be observed in the facade and design. The property has been in our family for the last 55 years and has been a boutique hotel for the last 25. In the middle of our courtyard there is a mango tree that was planted 50 years ago by Erasmo Barahona, Mimi’s father. The tree continues to provide delicious, fresh, mouthwatering mangos. We use the mangos for our delectable fruit smoothies, and our famous house dressing.

The Humuya Inn has been partnering with Friendship Sports International (FSI) since its conception. This non-for profit organization that has used something as universal as sports to break down language, race, gender, culture, religious and social barriers, is a huge part of how it all began. Jack King, an old college friend and the president of FSI, was bringing down a sports team and needed a place to stay that was clean, affordable, and safe; three things that were not synonymous to Honduras. We knew that we could provide what they were looking for and more and decided to offer up Mimi’s parents house, now the hotel, to our friend Jack.

After successfully housing our first team we decided we were going to go for it. We purchased the house from Mimi’s parents, and hired a cook, and housekeeper. At first we did ever job possible, Mimi’s family even pitched in and gave us a hand, posing as receptionist, sous chefs and concierges. Today we are proud to support many families by providing sustainable jobs and being a force for good in the Honduran economy.

Throughout the last 25 years we are proud to say that the Humuya Inn has housed over 600 mission’s teams, been a safe haven and partner in the adoption of 200 kids, and supported the local economy by providing sustainable jobs.

The Future

As we look towards the future, we can’t help but be excited for what it holds. In the last 3 years we have completely remodeled the lobby, sitting area, and the facade, while creating a major focal point in the Coffee Corner. In August we will be renovating our restaurant and adding the finishing touches to our newly designed website. A key to remodeling for us is to offer our clients the modern amenities as well as to honor the past and highlight our story. But don’t just take it from us, come stay with us and experience it on your own!

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