Breakfast Menu


Humuya Inn Tipico
Two eggs cooked to your taste with ranchera sauce,
refried beans, bacon, sausage or ham, cheese and
sour cream, fried plantain served with toast or
tortillas and avocado.

Two eggs with ham & cheese, veggies are optional
(tomatoes, bell pepper, onions) served with ranchera
sauce, toast, butt r and house-made organic jelly.

Pancakes with bananas, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

French Toast
House made french toast served with bananas,
cherries and bacon on the side.


Bacon, plantain, ham or sausage $1.50
Refried beans, toast or tortillas $1.00
Ranchera Sauce $1.00


Natural fruit drinks* $1.80
Ice tea, coffee, hot tea $1.00
Smoothies* $3.50
Cappuccino $2.50
Sodas $1.50


*Depending on the season
*Smoothies water or milk based