When the Humuya Inn was first conceived as an idea it was because my wife Mimi and I were serving as group coordinators and were unable to find a place that was safe, had outstanding food, and the lodging was clean and comfortable.Thus, we saw a void and need and decided to fill it.

Since we opened the Humuya Inn we have had over 600 groups stay with us. It is very satisfying and rewarding for us to have returning groups, some have teams have even been staying with us for the last 15 years.

One of the features our groups enjoy the most is our specialized group menu. With a mix of Honduran and U.S. cuisine that has been carefully elaborated for our guests to experience the wonderful and flavorful Honduran food without getting sick. Enchiladas anybody?

We also provide our groups with outdoor rooftop terraces overlooking Tegucigalpa. This has become many teams favorite place to meet and decompress from a hard day’s work. We recently purchased a 15 passenger van that can provide safe and secure transportation for our groups throughout Honduras as they do their work. Another feature the groups enjoy is being able to stay in a safe and comfortable place with all the amenities of a big hotel with personalized attention.

For group inquiries email us at: or call us at: HN (504) 2280-2500 or USA (188) 8304-6827