Social Responsibility

For years at the Humuya Inn, 20 precisely, embraces Social Responsibility as part of its duty by supporting different charities and organizations. We have accomplished many things and have completed several large projects, however we want to have an even greater impact in Honduras therefore, we decided to partner even more closely with the following five organizations in Honduras.


We believe that part of our mission in Tegucigalpa and Honduras is not only to provide for the immediate needs of the community but also for their long term needs. That is why we have partnered up with several local organizations that we believe are making a lasting impact in Honduras.

Point of Impact (POI) they seek to meet the physical needs of their communities through children’s programs and the local churches. In their programs the children are fed, tutored, given medical support, and taught about Christ.

Friendship Sports International (FSI) who we have partnered with for the last 22 years, is an organization which emphasis is to send athletic teams to countries who, through the help of local missionaries and Churches, have been invited to come and participate in athletic events and also to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the local people.

Fundación Hondureña para el Niño Con Cancer is a nonprofit foundation who’s sole objective is to provide free oncological treatment to more than 5,000 children nationwide suffering from cancer.

Ministerio Jericho is a non-profit Christian organization in Honduras that has two family homes for young boys and girls who are children of women trapped in prostitution or are themselves at high risk for entering prostitution or gangs, two schools to meet the educational needs of these children, a sewing workshop for women desiring to get out of prostitution, and a store/cafe to sell products made by the “rescued women”. Among our souvenir selections are items that the women have made.

Programa de Rehabilitación de Parálisis Cerebral (Prepace) a special needs orphanage that we partner with and have done several special events with. Celebrating birthday’s and Christmas with the kids.



Each year the Humuya Inn staff has at least one community outreach project. In recent years some of those projects included a new roof for Doña Maria and her family, Christmas party at a local special needs orphanage, hundreds of hours translating for US teams that come down and construction projects for local needy families.

House for Jeffrey

In July of this year Jeffrey’s family lost all of the walls and parts of their roof during a heavy rainfall in Tegucigalpa. We saw the need. Originally we thought we would replace the roof and put on the walls but after studying the “house” we decided to pour a new foundation and start from scratch. Thanks to our friends at Point Of Impact and Leticia Gal we were able to get this family back inside their new home. Their new home includes electricity, a larger space and a whole lot safer structure. What a blessing to be able to help out in this way.

Special Needs Orphanage

In 2013, when we became aware of a Special Needs Orphanage in our community that was in dire need of may elemental items and services. Since then we have provided educational and therapeutic equipment for the children. In 2014, we hosted and served as translators for a specialized team of professional that did physical therapy with the children. Since 2014, our staff has celebrated Christmas and Day of the Child with the kids providing gifts and food for all of them and their staff.

House for the Bustillo Family

In 2014 we were able to assist another family in the El Hatillo area. The dust from the road in front of their home was making their kids constantly sick. They had a roof but the dust kept getting into their house covering the kitchen and bedroom area. The Humuya Inn team again came up with a plan of action and we purchased the necessary materials and got to work.  We spent several days putting in plywood ceiling that now stops the dust from entering directly into the house. The Bustillo family is healthier and a lot happier.

House for Doña Maria

Doña Maria, is a single mother who lives with her four children, parents and two sisters in a 100 yr old adobe house in a rural area of El Hatillo.  With the summer rains and then windy winter months, her roof started leaning.  In 2013 our staff became aware of the need to do something or this family could lose their home with the next storm.  We came up with a plan and the Humuya Inn owners provided all the materials, technical labor and along with the members of the Humuya Inn staff jumped in and did a lot of the manual labor.  A week later, a sturdier roof was finished.  Thanks to the Humuya Inn and all of our employees, Doña Maria and her family will have a roof over their heads for many more years.

House for Danielito and Carlitos
In 2016 Last time we decided to undertake this project after hearing through Point of Impact (POI), an organization in Honduras we partner with multiple times throughout the year, about their condition.
A couple of months ago they lost everything that they possessed and almost lost their lives. Their house collapsed on them sending both parents to the ICU and injuring Danielito and his brother Carlitos. Thankfully after being in the hospital for a few weeks they were all released however, they now did not have a place to go home to. We then decided that Danileto, Carlitos and his family where going to be one of our yearly projects.


Sustainability Initiatives

We believe that environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with luxurious comfort and exceptional guest experience. Oru commitment to eco-friendly practices is united with our commitment to the pleasure and wellbeing of all our guests. Our goal is to set the highest standard for service and style, while impacting the earth as little as possible. We welcome dialogue about this with our guests as we are always looking to learn, grow and improve.

Energy Conservation Programs

We have changed out of all traditional light bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) in all areas of Humuya Inn. We also have implemented LED lights in area that are practical. Several lighting areas are motion sensor managed.  Common area lighting uses timers.  We also utilize natural light sources such as sky lights when practical.

As members of Project Planet an organization that helps us reduce the amount of towels and linens washed in our hotel.  Through Project Planets linen and towel re-use program we have registered an approximate 75% participation from our guests.Installation of ceiling fans.  Ceiling fans maintain constant air flow in the summer and pull heat down from the ceiling in the winter. Some estimates indicate that ceiling fans can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%. In all new construction and remodeling we have opted for American Standard new eco-toilets that are 4.8 liter tanks (as opposed to typical 6 liter tanks) and saves up to 75,000 liters of water per year for a family of five. In all new construction and remodeling we have opted for PVC double paned windows (reducing the amount of electricity needed to cool a room).  These windows also effectively reduce noise. All of the Humuya Inn guest rooms use blackout curtains to aid in maintaining room temperatures. When available in our market we purchase “Energy Star” products.

Waste Reduction

Recycle program throughout the hotel.  Reciprocals for plastic, paper, glass, aluminum and cardboard located in guest and employee areas. Our guest room amenities Eco.Fresh (body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion) use fully biodegradable contents and packaging from Pineapple Hospitality. Our guest room towels and linens are made from Eucalyptus fibers (Tencel+Plus) from Valley Forge. Tencel+Plus fabrics reduce drying time needed, don’t need fabric softeners and rarely need to be ironed. In all of our administrative offices ink and toner cartridges are recycled or refilled. Glassware and plates provided in guest rooms to minimize paper product usage.